Myofascial Release

Myofascial Release frees restrictions of movement in fascia and minimizes pain. Fascia is a seamless web of connective tissue that covers, connects, and supports the muscles, organs and skeletal structures in our bodies. Since fascia encompasses the whole body, Myofascial Release is, essentially, a whole body approach.
Physical trauma such as a fall, whiplash, repetitive stress or just habitual poor posture causes fascia to lose its pliability. Since fascia is an interconnected web, a restriction or tightness in one location, with time, can spread to other places in the body like a pull in a sweater. As the tension increases, restricted movement and increased levels of pain become more likely. Tension in fascia can cause pain in other areas, so your therapist may treat other areas of the body to positively affect your treatment outcome.
The pressure during a Myofascial treatment can range from very gentle touch to deeper pressure. Some may experience a slight skin burning sensation in the skin, which is perfectly normal and safe. Others may feel a gentle to deep stretch of the area being treated.
It is important to give feedback to your RMT during the treatment, as the pressure should never be beyond your tolerance.